Bill Egly Seventh-day Adventist School (Lawrenceburg, TN)

Christian School in a Country Setting
Foods We Love
I like mac and cheese and doughnuts. I like mac and cheese because it's creamy and cheesey. I like donuts because it's yummy and I like donuts because they are soft and smooth. You can go out and have a picnic in the grass with donuts and mac and cheese and your favorite food too! Make sure you bring healthy food too, because you don't want to get sick. You can eat food anywhere, with healthy food too!

I like sausages. 
I like them soft inside. 
I like it hard outside.
I like it right. 

I like Krispy Kreme donuts.
They are sweet and very yummy. 
They are so soft that they feel they're going to melt in your mouth. 
They are also very creamy. If you're interested you can eat 'em. 

I like tofu because its texture is soft and it feels like it melts in my mouth. Scrambled tofu is good with garlic seasoning. Scrambled tofu is breakfast food. I have eaten pancakes, fruit salad, and almonds with scrambled tofu. Scrambled tofu can be eaten on your porch outside. You should try scrambled tofu if you're interested. 

I like scrambled eggs. When I eat them it feels like they melt in my mouth. I like it with pepper and salt. I like to eat them on Sunday with my dad.

I like dessert because it's sweet. I like cake, donuts, and cupcakes because they all have sugar, but I wouldn't eat too much sweets. If you eat too much sweets you will have a stomach ache. Don't ever eat too much SUGAR.

I love smoothies. Smoothies can have all kinds of things in it like caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, and more. There are so many good kinds of smoothies. They can be thick or not. I like smoothies thick so it can have more of a taste. Sometimes you can get big clumps. I like my smoothie ice cold. 

I like pizza that has cheese in the crust. Hot pizza that is juicy is the best. I like hot and ready pizza from Dominos. I love pizza. You should try pickle pizza! 

My favorite foods are chocolate donuts and vanilla donuts. It's chocolatey on the top and soft in the inside. I like sweet sprinkles on the donut. 

I like strawberry cake because it is soft and the strawberries make it hard. It is creamy. 

I like pancakes and salad because they are very healthy foods. 
I like mashed potatoes because they are very smooth. 
I like cakes because they are soft.